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Student Finance

By 28th April 2021May 7th, 2021University

Student Finance


student finance university applications

For students who will be new to university this year, the time to apply for student finance has arrived. Student Finance England (SFE) has opened their applications to full-time undergraduates, and students in Y13 now completing their courses are encouraged to begin the process of putting their funding in place, so it is ready for them to access come autumn.

The application process requires only 30 minutes online, and all that is needed for new students is to have their passport and National Insurance number in hand.

Applying for finance and enquiring about accommodation for chosen courses are essential actions for students to be taking at present, even as they are working to compete their final assessments. The UCAS deadline for students to select their firm and insurance university choices is approaching, as UCAS requires replies to be submitted based on the last uni or college decision received. If the last decision is received on or before 20 May 2021, the reply date is 10 June 2021; if received on or before 13 July 2021, the reply date is 14 July 2021.

While it might seem challenging to address these practical concerns while students are still completing their A Levels, preparing for life at university can be a great motivator. To help with making decisions and enquiries, students are advised to bear in mind that their firm and insurance choices for university should be achievable, to ensure their planning for accommodation and financing is well focused and targeted.

The SFE deadline for student finance applications is 21 May 2021.

— Katie Musgrave (