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Why Cambridge Tutors?


Highest quality

We understand that you are looking for the highest quality private tutoring. At Cambridge Tutors we have only the best tutors in each field, who themselves undertake our continuous improvement programme.


Individually tailored tuition

Every student is different. By providing the structure and support you would expect from the top tier of the English education system, we assess each student individually and tailor their tuition specifically to meet their needs, so that every student receives consistently outstanding tuition.


Experienced educators

All our tutors are selected for their outstanding academic ability and achievement, and their excellent communication skills. Every area of tutoring is overseen by a Subject Head, each highly experienced and acknowledged for their exceptional talents.


Providing academic excellence

You benefit directly from the ongoing training and supervision that all our tutors receive, providing you with an assurance of academic excellence. Cambridge Tutors professionals have an awareness of how to bring out the best in each individual by increasing confidence, ability and achievement in an environment that instils a love of learning.


Designed for you

Everything we do is designed to give you every opportunity to reach and exceed your goals. Your Cambridge Tutor provides you with regular reports and reviews that give you a clear overview of your progress and ensures you are on the right path to achieve your goals.

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