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 549 reviews
 by Mr W
School year: 11

Katie has been exceptional. My son really loved working with her, and although he never fell in love with 1984 or The Crucible she really got him working and improving. Katie also urged me to get him tested which resulted in him getting 25% more time in exams plus a reader. None of this would have happened without her. If I could give Katie 10 stars (out of 5) I would do!!! Thanks again.

 by Mrs B
School year: 12

Five stars thank you Andrew!

 by Mrs N
School year: 13

Judith was fantastically calm and steady with a son who needed to cover some ground and believe in himself. She is dedicated to her students' success and a top quality professional.

 by Mrs F
School year: 13

Max has proven to be a thorough (so far as we can judge) patient, encouraging and mature tutor. He instantly seemed to put our son at ease, and to instil a “can do” attitude in him, rebuilding (at least as much as he could) our son’s shredded confidence. We don’t know how well the exams have gone but we feel (and our son would agree) that Max really helped him go back to basics in some subjects and untangle some misunderstandings and gaps his learning. We would recommend him, despite our initial concerns about his relative youth. In fact the latter point probably meant he could communicate in way more suitable to our son. And that communication “gap” seems to have been a problem in his lessons at school. Thank you.

 by Mrs K
School year: 13

Thank you so much for arranging our son’s Physics tutorials with Ben. He has worked diligently with our son.

 by Mrs U
School year: 2

We have just come back from an induction morning for children starting their first year at Magdalen College School Oxford this September. We feel very fortunate and grateful for this opportunity for our son to start his Year 3 in this amazing school and environment. And, of course, in many respects this was Jennifer’s steady support, which prepared him for the entry exams at MCS. Thank you so very much to your team and Jennifer in particular for a fantastic support and knowledgable guidance, which made this journey a success for our son.

 by Mrs P
School year: 13

William is very helpful and explains things at the correct level. Overall very good! Thank you so much William for all the support you have given our son. He has found your tutoring really helpful.

 by Mrs P
School year: 11

My daughter clicked with Emma from day one, and gained so much confidence in Maths - thank you!

 by Mrs M
School year: 11

Clare was very good and helped consolidate GCSE Chemistry topics which our daughter needed help with.

 by Mrs Y
School year: Oxbridge Preparation

My son is thoroughly enjoying his sessions with Mia. He finds them extremely stimulating and has learnt a lot on how to develop his Geography skills. Mia is always reliable and encourages my son to be his best. He looks forward to their lessons every week.

 by Mrs C
School year: 11

Fiona is a very good tutor, I would definitely recommend her. My daughter's confidence after only the first session was raised to a level we thought was not possible! Fiona was great at listening to what concerns my daughter had and set work that addressed the issues, and she also ensured at the end of each session my daughter was happy with what they had achieved and how to move things forward.

 by Ms T
School year: 12

I’d give him 10 stars if I could! Barney is very good at helping me understand the finer points of my course and creating an overall in depth understanding of my curriculum by linking the different topics together. Barney is also very engaging and fun!

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