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Personal Statement Package

Craft a coherent, compelling statement with our Personal Statement experts

  • Benefit from the experience of our experts, who know what University Admissions tutors are looking for

  • Gain insight into how and why your Personal Statement matters

  • Receive coaching to take your Personal Statement to the next level

  • We help you express your ideas succinctly, and strike a balance in your writing between academic and extra-curricular activities

  • We can also support students with the Cambridge SAQ and additional statements

Our 4-hour Package

2 × 1-hour sessions with a Personal Statement Expert
2 × 1-hour sessions with an Oxbridge Subject Specialist
Package fee   £495
SPECIAL OFFER—SAVE 10% off the full price of £550 if booked before 15 September
Cambridge Tutors offer rate in 2020

Many students with great grades apply to top universities each year, so the Personal Statement is a great opportunity to stick out in an Admissions Tutor’s mind for all the right reasons.

Our 4-hour package guides and supports students through this process.

  • An initial consultation with a Personal Statement expert helps students formulate an initial vision for their statement and a concrete plan for developing it further.

  • A session with an Oxbridge Subject Specialist to ensure that the student’s interests are as technically represented as they need be and are rich with academic detail. The Tutor will direct the student to appropriate key readings and resources for academic extension.

  • A follow-up session with the Oxbridge Subject Specialist.

  • A final meeting with the Personal Statement expert, to make sure that everything is in place for sending out a mature, impactful statement.

This Package enables students to write their own compelling statements; we do not write them for you. This way the statement can truly reflect and harness an individual’s own unique passion for their subject.

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