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Law Admissions

Cambridge Tutors are renowned experts who help with all stages of the Law application process

Cambridge and Oxford Law students will help you:

  • Perfect a standout Personal Statement

  • Build confidence with expert LNAT Tutors

  • Gain interview practice with detailed feedback


What does the test involve?

  • The LNAT (Law National Aptitude Test) is an admissions test for students wanting to study Law at several universities across the UK

  • The University of Cambridge previously used their own Law test, but in 2022 returned to assessing candidates using the LNAT

  • The test evaluates a candidate’s critical capabilities, and examines their inductive and deductive reasoning

  • It isn’t a test of their knowledge of the law but rather of their aptitude for the course

students applied to study Law at Oxford during the 2021-22 admissions cycle
of applicants are typically invited to interview by Oxford after the LNAT

Why Cambridge Tutors?

More than just tutorials

  • Pre-assessments and mocks with grades and feedback

  • Packages of six or twelve lessons to reinforce your analytical skills

  • Admissions Test Weekends with workshops and a mock test to give intensive practice

  • Support and advice on the process from the expert Cambridge Tutors team

Our team of Oxbridge Law graduates and undergraduates have an impressive record when it comes to the LNAT. They have the insight and knowledge to help you achieve your best results.


Law Interviews

How do they work?

  • Interviews for Law are known to be a tough test of a candidate’s analytical and communication skills

  • A candidate is not only presented with unseen material but also asked to formulate opinions on the spot and argue them convincingly

  • Interviews replicate tutorials and supervisions in the case of Oxbridge, seeing if candidates suit a dialogue-based mode of learning

students applied to study Law at Cambridge in 2021
Law offers were made by Cambridge in 2021

Why Cambridge Tutors?

Mock Interviews with a little extra

  • Questions from Oxbridge students who have an intimate knowledge of the interview process

  • Online Mock Interview Days to replicate the experience of interviewing for Cambridge or Oxford

  • Packages of online interviews to be arranged at your convenience, with the option to have up to three different interviewers

  • Detailed written reports with guidance on how to improve emailed to you after each interview

Our team of Cambridge and Oxford graduate and undergraduate lawyers have an impressive record when it comes to Law admissions. They have the insight and knowledge to help you achieve your best results.


Early-stage Law Mentoring

Starting to think about Law?

For students in Year 10 or 11, we can also offer fortnightly or monthly mentoring sessions with an Oxbridge Law graduate to support them in thinking ahead to their application.

  • Meet regularly with a mentor who has been through the process of applying for Law successfully

  • Hear about their experiences as a Law student and legal career options to see if this path is for you

  • Receive advice on extracurricular activities and work experience

  • Learn more about which Universities you could consider

  • Familiarise yourself with the format and questions of the LNAT

  • Get ahead with refining your communication skills