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Oxbridge, Medicine and Law

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Complete support covering your entire university application, from start to finish.

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Our success rate speaks for itself.


Oxbridge success rate


Cambridge Tutors success rate*

Cambridge Tutors Oxbridge offer rates for 2020:

  • nearly 7 times more likely for Mathematics

  • 4 times more likely for Economics, Natural Sciences and English

  • 3 times more likely for Law and Engineering


What do we offer?

University Programmes

Comprehensive support for your entire application journey, from start to finish

Personal Statements

Start boosting your personal statement today

Admissions Tests

Comprehensive support for your entire application journey, from start to finish

Interview Preparation

Hone your critical thinking and analytical skills


What makes Cambridge Tutors the go-to specialists for Oxbridge, Medicine and Law?

We’re located in

  • We’re based in the heart of Cambridge (and also Oxford)

  • We are best-placed to give the inside track on the latest developments

  • We can advise you on college choice, and even show you around!

Experienced tutors
who care

  • We’ve been leaders in education for over 20 years

  • All our tutors are experts from Cambridge and Oxford universities

  • Our reviews speak for themselves


  • Our Admissions Expert will work with you to tailor a plan to suit your unique needs

  • You’ll get our complete and undivided attention

  • Whatever you need, we’ll be here to help you!

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Applying for Medicine?

Our team of 5th & 6th year Cambridge Medical students has an impressive success record when it comes to UKCAT and BMAT tuition.

With results in the top 1% nationwide and a patient, constructive bed-side manner, these would-be doctors are world experts in these tests. They have the insight and knowledge to help you achieve your best results.

Admissions Tests


With the demise of AS levels, Universities increasingly rely on Admissions Tests to guide them when offering places.

The standard of these tests is typically higher and more sophisticated than school exams.  Our tutors have navigated and mastered them, and they’ll help you to do the same.

Cambridge Oxbridge Admissions University mentor tutor A levels GCSE

Preparing for the LNAT

Whether you’ve been preparing for it for the past few months, or have read the horror stories on the Student Room forums, if you’re doing the LNAT, you’re serious about studying Law.
Learning styles, Oxford Cambridge interviews supervision tutorial admissions


Oxbridge interviews are designed to simulate the weekly tutorial/supervision. This teaching methodology sets Oxford and Cambridge apart: students are mentored in small groups.

Our tutors will help you to think critically, articulate your thoughts succinctly, and to know exactly what to expect.

For our Oxbridge interview packages, click here.

Studying in the USA

International students looking to apply to US universities will need to sit the SAT or ACT.

Our experienced Princeton-trained SAT experts are available for face-to-face or online coaching.

us university SAT admissions usa

US Universities and SATs

The SAT measures key skills such as reading comprehension, computational ability and clarity of expression.The average score is around 1500; however the 75th percentile for Ivy League universities lies at 1560-1600.

How can we help?

Our Most Popular Programme

The complete admissions process.

Let Cambridge Tutors support your entire university application, from course choice to interview.

With us, you are in expert hands.

Your personalised programme could include:

  • A personalised programme designed for you

  • Full application support from an Oxbridge Admissions Expert, including UCAS and Personal Statement

  • Expert teaching from experienced tutors who have studied your chosen course at Cambridge or Oxford

  • An initial assessment, with written feedback and a plan to guide your progress

  • A personalised reading list complied for you by your tutor

  • Original Mock Admissions Tests, with full mark schemes and video walk-through of solutions

  • Mock Paper marking service, with one-to-one feedback and a plan to address any areas of weakness

  • Mock Interview sessions with subject experts, with verbal feedback and written guidance

  • A guaranteed place on our Admissions Test Day and Oxbridge Interview Preparation Day


What our students say

Xxx has an offer from Cambridge for Natural Sciences! We are very proud — she has worked hard. I hope she can get the grades. Thanks for all your help.

—Parent of a Sixth Form student

Xxx got an offer for Medicine from Oxford University! She is absolutely delighted. Thank you once again for being such an excellent tutor and helping make this happen. You always made her feel relaxed in the sessions even though she found them quite challenging and despite her initial opposition to Skype she always enjoyed talking with you. She certainly took on board everything you told her.

—Parent of a Sixth Form student

Xxx got into Lincoln College (Oxford University) for Medicine and she is absolutely delighted! I just wanted to say thank you to you also as the tuition process seemed very smooth and easy. Rob is an excellent tutor, very clear, patient, and very knowledgeable and Xxx really enjoyed the sessions with him. Thank you!

—Parent of a Sixth Form student

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