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Individual learning plan


Cambridge Tutors create an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for every student.


Each ILP forms a framework, outlining where a student is at the present time and setting goals that assist the student in progressing to where they need to be. This enables the student, the tutor and the Subject Head to monitor progress and ensure the tutoring stays focused and on track, at the same time as building confidence for the student as they watch their skills and abilities expand and improve in a very tangible way.


Key questions we address are:


  • The student’s primary ways of learning (oral, aural, visual, kinetic)

  • Skills and attributes the student currently possesses

  • Areas of difficulty the student has previously experienced

  • The aims and ambitions of the student

  • The timeframe in which the student is working (exam dates, interview dates, etc)


By regularly reviewing the ILP, the student is reassured of the progress they are making, and lessons can be further tailored to ensure the tutor is working most effectively with the student.


For example, if a goal is not met (e.g. achieving a certain percentage in a test) it is possible for the tutor to consider different approaches that might be more effective. This process of review and refinement is an extremely important tool for developing the best possible outcome for the student at every stage.

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