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Politics Tutoring

Study Politics with Us

We have a wealth of experienced Politics Tutors for every stage of your learning journey.

Whether your child needs to get to grips with A Level or IB topics, or prepare for University Admissions and their Personal Statement, Admissions Test or Interview — we have the right tutors to help aspiring political scientists thrive.

Please get in touch to find out more about our expert team of Politics Tutors. We can offer the tailored support you or your child needs.

All our tutors are members of the universities of Oxford or Cambridge, or experienced teachers at top Oxford or Cambridge schools.


Our Politics Tutors

  • We offer a range of excellent tutors, from Oxbridge undergraduates through to qualified teachers with over 20 years’ experience

  • All our tutors are members of the universities of Oxford or Cambridge (often both!) or  teachers at top Oxford and Cambridge schools — which puts them in the top 0.5% of academics worldwide

  • Our tutors undergo a rigorous selection and interview process to ensure they are all personable, talented and warm academic role-models

  • Our Educational Consultants carefully match each student to their perfect tutor

  • Every year our expert tutors for help hundreds of students to prepare for major exams such as GCSEs, A Levels, IB and University Admissions Tests

  • We support families throughout your academic journey — from 7+ all the way through to University admissions and undergraduate study

What Students and Parents Say

Thank you very much for all the work you did with my son. I am extremely thrilled that he has been offered a place at Oxford, thank you for the hard work you did with him to help secure this. It is so exciting to see him rise in confidence, and it has meant the world to him to be able to receive this University offer.

For every topic or question I struggled to understand during my A-levels, I went to my tutors. It didn’t matter how long it took, they would make sure that I always walked away completely satisfied with my knowledge of the topic!

Our Tutor is professional and prepared for each lesson. He explains concepts well and makes our son work on examples relevant to the topic. He also provides a good summary of the lesson’s learnings and key things to remember.

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