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Belle is a Summer Intern at Oxford and Cambridge Tutors. She is here to help us with various administrative tasks, and to learn how to use software such as WordPress and our Tutorcruncher system. She is studying Medicine at Cambridge University, and has so much to offer as a hard working and intelligent student!

Belle’s Story – From Thailand to Cambridge!


My Journey

I grew up with a curious mind and a big dream. For the most part, I learned about the world through books. I was introduced to the duality of Mind and Matter by W. D. Hart’s The Engines of the Soul, and entered the realm of Oncology after reading Mukherjee’s The Emperor of All Maladies.

Many stories and personal experiences have ingrained themselves upon my memory from an early age and inspired me to pursue my dream—that of becoming a doctor.


My Schooling

This dream has propelled me both academically and activity-wise throughout my high school years. Through self-studying the most challenging courses available, I have developed a robust foundation for Medicine and Science. I taught myself Python, PHP and Java to advance my knowledge in view of a programme for cancer prognosis in middle school. To pursue my endless curiosity, I collaborated with university professors on numerous research projects, including catalytic reduction of CO2 and the application of GWAS to identify arthritis or cancers.

I went through an utterly Thai elementary school (Chitralada School) located at the heart of the Thai Royal Palace. Although the culture-rich classes were astonishing, the English classes were inadequate. Therefore, I chose to take part in the school’s debate team, despite my previous ineligibility in English, where I fortunately thrived.


Life in Thailand

Growing up in Thailand taught me many things, particularly how little we do with the resources we have there. It was my life-long wish to travel abroad. I was fortunate to have a wonderful support system, a family which believes in me.

Needless to say, the road towards my goal seemed to be absolutely unattainable and was not covered in rose petals! I self-studied four A Level subjects in parallel with school work. In doing so, I barely survived high school with scores just high enough to make it through university applications.


Joining Cambridge University

My first year in medical school at Cambridge has had its ups and downs. The work load, competitive nature, and not to mention exceedingly high expectations coming from every corner have been tough on us all.

Personally, the massive leap from studying in a Thai school to studying in university and living alone meant that I had to try very hard just to adapt to adult life. However challenging at times, this process was very much necessary as it effectively builds character. Hardship toughens us up to expect the unexpected.

In fact, my first year ended on a very good note. Cambridge University has taught me to be more patient, hardworking and organised. I have made amazing friends here already and  I cannot wait for what’s coming next!


My Experience

Looking back, I am grateful for all the support I received, and definitely proud of myself for not giving up and pushing through tough times with a clear goal in mind.

If I could have done anything differently, I would definitely have started to think about my career options and what exactly I wanted to do much sooner. Time is a precious thing, especially when it comes to making decisions.

I would say the most important thing is to have faith in yourself no matter what, and rise up to your own expectations. Remember Arthur C. Clarke’s words: “A hundred failures would not matter, when one single success could change the destiny of the world.”

Pictured: Belle at Cambridge

The Future is Bright

We hope you share with us in giving Belle a warm welcome to Oxford Tutors, and to the exciting possibilities ahead!