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Oxbridge Admissions Tests: Gain the Advantage

The admissions tests for Oxford and Cambridge are known to test the innate ability of students – yet students can still gain an advantage by preparing for them. Where the tests assess the skills and knowledge students naturally possess at this stage in their education, we know much of that aptitude has been gained through their dedication and discipline in their studies to date.

Hardworking students in the position of sitting the Oxbridge admissions tests can benefit now from insider knowledge and practical experience in taking them. To learn the distinct format of the test for their discipline, Oxford outlines the subject tests on their Admissions Tests webpage. Cambridge offers guidance on their Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) site. A fact students may not know: Oxford’s admissions tests are also administered by CAAT.

Admissions Tests Practice Papers

To help applicants excel at the Admissions Test Stage, Oxford Tutors has produced a series of exclusive admissions test papers for Oxbridge, Law and Medicine. The series of test papers replicate exactly the style of the original paper, and are complete with a mark scheme, full worked solutions and a question-by-question video walk-through. Find out more

Our Admissions Tests are unique, offering new unseen questions and cannot be found anywhere else online. Expert tutors have created the papers based on the existing tests, and great care has been taken to match the structure, format and style of each paper.

Access Oxbridge Expertise

Oxford Tutors is pleased to be offering all students access to Oxbridge expertise by way of these highly specialised digital events. Students wishing to attend the Free Admissions Webinars can sign up here. To secure access to our Mock Admission Tests, click here.

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