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Interviewing Online: How to Set Up

3 tricks to help you look smart

Position your camera at eye level

Do what you can to raise your webcam to eye level; use books, a stand or whatever you have to hand. This enables a more lifelike interaction where the interviewer will feel like they are speaking to your face rather than just your chin. It also encourages you to keep good posture instead of stooping over your desk.

Ensure you have good lighting

Good lighting allows interviewers to see your expressions and offers better non-verbal communication. This can be important not only when answering questions, but also when conveying enthusiasm for your course. Backlighting makes you dark and difficult to see so try to face the brightest source of light in the room (usually a window).

Blur your background

Blurring your background stops interviewers from focusing on things in the room that aren’t you. Although they should only be listening to what you have to say, don’t let them be distracted by a cluttered room in the background. This function is available and easy to find in Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Whereby.

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Joss King, Oxbridge Intern